Image: Veronica Lola Photography, 2017

Image: Veronica Lola Photography, 2017


Naturally Nicole

Nicole began practicing yoga during college as a form of exercise, but quickly fell in love with the beauty, strength and peacefulness of the practice. In an effort to get herself to class more regularly, she decided to complete a teacher training, and immediately knew she wanted to teach. Nicole has since completed both her 200 hour and 500 hour certifications with Tula Yoga in Aberdeen, NJ. Her love of yoga and her desire to share it with others are evident in her classes, which are fun and light-hearted, focused on alignment and building strength, and help students to connect with that calm, peaceful place within. Nicole’s personal yoga practice lead her to embrace an overall healthier lifestyle, and she went on to study Holistic Health and Nutrition with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach.  Nicole has also completed the Fix Your Period apprenticeship program to further help women who want to optimize their health in order to be their best selves through nutrition, wellness, fitness and yoga. Nicole’s mission is to help others discover and embrace their own inner strength, peace, happiness and self-love through yoga and her coaching practice.

I truly feel that it's my mission in life to help other women who may be going through some of the same things that I have gone through. If you are a woman who is looking to ease stress, deal with anxiety and depression, cure or reverse hormonal conditions, or just embrace holistic health and wellness, and are looking for a better way that doesn't involve chemicals, medications, or even "natural" products that don't work, then I encourage you to follow along with me on this journey, or even work with me if you feel called.

Here's to embracing your health, naturally!